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There is a saying you cannot have great quality at a great price.

We simply disagree because...

Superb quality depends on the technologies and techniques used: if you want to dig a hole using a shovel, it will take a while. If you want to dig a hole using a large machine it will go a lot quicker. But the tools used are ours. We have the large machine, and we are profitable because we can dig a larger hole, and for a price cheaper for each hole. We can build great websites with the tools we have.

Basically, stating that you cannot have great quality for a great price is either for salesmen who want to have too big a margin, or working for an organisation using outdated tools.

The websites created by White Ravens Consulting are using methodology based on decades of experience in handling knowledge, and processes. Because of this, we are able to deliver the same or higher quality at a cheaper price, even within less time.